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Top Notch

Wifeyyy Mickeyyy Lainaaa Jesssss


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Layout: Ajey @ Duchess
CS: Me @ Dejavu
Brush in Header: Sandra @ Parisfalls

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Just 2 Weeks

Lets thank the bae Bunny for these avatars. I started this semester and I swear there isn't 24 hours in the day. I got all kind of hours of school, all kind of hours for work & this business I'm trying to get done lol. Still don't have my llc yet but I'm working on it. Also in the market for a car. I'm thinking Kia Optima, yeah idk what color yet though 2015 or 2016. I started adding things to Holidays for Halloween. I have some things saved up for Dejavu as well. I'm trying to get a few more things before updating. Back to this updating and creating :) ♥ !!


» September // classes, work, site update, first home football game.
» October // my 90 days are up, more clients, more school lol.

Extra Busy

Yo, i wish i was on that boat again. That disney cruise was amazing. Its cool though cause i missed my record player lol. My tail left school to come home and do more work lmao. I managed to find a job. My feelings about this is job is beyond expected. Its the most legit job I've had. But on top of that job im trying to get my business up & running. My wbestore has been designed into a professional design and will be promoted as such. I need a llc ... bruh $300. Ughhh just saying it hurts. Who has that not me lol !! Im trying though. By september my throwed tail will have 2 jobs & will be back in college. Tia Renai justtttt had to be an overachiever. I don't really have anything else sooooooo uh bye yea bye.


» June // pack, cruise, site update, record shopping & go to new orleans.
» July // possible job, brothers birthday, school shopping.
» August // pack for school again, site update, buy llc & move back to school.