Sail away ...

Sooooo dejavu has a new color scheme, duh tia they can see that. The flowers in the header are from Loverain. I will be working on an update so I can have plenty to update with. Currently I have only added 4 rare cutouts, but like I said more is to come. Hmmm my life ... lets see. I just made 22! Omg How do you feel old at 22 lol? Did I mention one of my gifts was a record player O M G. Lawddd school school, I passed my college major admissions so I can move on within the major yasssssss !! Looking forward to maybe having a job, if I do y'all its gon be legit. That might be all I have for now lol.

» June //pack, cruise, site update, record shopping & go to new orleans.
» July // possible job, brothers birthday, school shopping (seems early but you never stop shopping for college).

Boku creole lmaoo

First off this icon is from Kecia & Ally @ Loverain. The header & background was gorgeously made by Wifeyy @ Vampiress. Felt like changing my layout again. Im so proud cause I made this one hehe lol, okayy Im done. Just did an update with boku stuff. I am now down to the wire with admissions and I am praying that I get in. I cant not get in. Trust me if I dont Im never going to school again yasss its that serious !!! I dont have to much longer to be in school. As soon as I am out I got all kind of stuff I need to do. Hopefully I get a visit from my cousin. I really wanna see her & she said she will do my hair too. again yassssssss . If anything isnt working or is out of place please let me know. I normally dont take my time doing these updates. I go so quick that I dont notice a mess up until like 3 weeks later lmaooo, bad I know. Hmm thats probably all bye lovelies & have a nice visit ♥ :))

»» want to see my college admission portfolio: click here
»» want to see my college photography book: click here

» April // site update, turn in admissions, get hair braided, go to new orleans & pack.
» May // move back by my mama & nem, get hair braided, birthday: 22 ! & summer starts.

Back at school

Heyyy everyone. Gotta new layout for right now probably will change again. Admire the background yasss Wifeyy ♥ made it & this header tho duh from Mickey ♥. I hope everybody had a great New Years and a good start of 2016. I am of course back in college. Unfortunately I did not pass my admissions; thats sucks !!!!! But I have the option to try again so I will. I am pushed back a semester but its okay if I can pass this time. My professor told me I was sooooooooooo close like too close to not get in which sucks even moreeeeee ! But again I will try hopefully they see more this time than they did last time. I haven't updated in a minute. I plan to update soon. I will probably shut the site down first; I haven't decided yet. Oh I will be making a holiday website so all the holiday content will be there. I am in college

» February // holiday website, start admissions revamp, trip home, lent & start workout.
» March // spring break, lent & more admissions work.

College life

Welcome back loves. I've revamped again. I cant say i did a lot towards the revamp but i did add & change some things. Now a days i feel like its never enough lol but hey maybe it is. Please take your time and look around. Let me know if there is anything you would want me to add so that your visit is as great as everyone else. I want to just say i really appreciate everyone who knows and understands that i am in school left and right. When i have the time i can do major updates. They just take more time as of now. I appreciate everyone who still visits and likes as well. December is my official "yes/no into my major" month. As soon as i get that i will be on everything a lot more. This just happens to be one very very truly stressful semester. Thank you though !!! :) :)

»» want to see my college admission portfolio: click here

» November // nitty gritty admission setup, revamp & trip home.
» December // admissions review [scared] & finals.