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thursday february 16
thursday december 15
sunday december 11
Sooo im bizack with some stuff ive been working on. Before you starting looking around lets stop and look at this layout tho ! Yassss its true Kecia made this bomb ass layout and header. She is definitely one of those people who produces great orders. Okay wait im not done yet ! Can we look at this avatar on your left ? Yeaaa thats from bae's site Bunny ! It look good huh huh. I know you dont have to say it. I have a few updates and working on more. Im also almost through with this semester but basically need to get ready for next semester, ahhhh. I have the best job for anyone in my position and i plan on keeping it of course. Lowkey its a little hectic but funny as hell. Oh soooo ive also been saving like loads of money to buy a car. This better happen in the next two weeks. Im getting extra impatient lol. Ive went from Kia to Hyundai to Toyota back to Kia and now im sitting on Hyundai again smh. Im being to indecisive about this situation. Ill settle by the time i have to put the money down well i hope so lmao.


» December // new car, end of semester, christmas work hours, going home.
» January // going back to school, refund check, new semester.