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Name: Tia Renai
Random Names: OG Size 7, Itty Bitty & Lit Bit
Age: Legal
Born & Raised: New Orleans, Louisiana
Party: May 31st
Height: 4'10 1/2
Schooling: BFA in Communication Design
Self-Teaching: French
Unrelated Goal: Shoe Closet
Extra: Big Sister & 3 Tattoos
Addict: Seafood, Mardi Gras, Pasta, Cheese Fries, Cold Stone Cheesecake Ice Cream & iDevices

Undeniably born and raised in the "Big Easy"; New Orleans, Louisiana. The destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina moved me out to Texas. I gained a high school diploma in 2012 and have been going to college ever since. I went to community college first then transferred to a university. I started out with Radiation Therapy, but I have changed my major to my hobby; Graphic Designing. Eventually I will have a BFA in Communication Design. I am also shadowing to learn photography the right way. I'll say this ... Communication Design is in no way easy as a major. Art is in no way easy as a major; I know this from first hand. After my degree I plan to do so much traveling its unbelievable.